"Somebody's praying for me,

somebody's lifting me up to the Lord"

  Let us lift you up to the Lord! We encourage you to share your prayer request with us, please click here. To protect your privacy, your name will not be added to the list below without your permission, however our Prayer Partners will receive your request and will pray for you.

Please join with us in prayer for the following:

Our thoughts and prayers are with our country, our leaders, our military, our first responders, teachers & students, God bless them, comfort them, watch over them and give them wisdom & strength.

JoAnn Ague, Mary Jo Addis, Beverly Applegate, Mark & Janine Barkley, Belle Bateman, The family of Jeff & Maryanne Brian, Deb Burns, Carrie’s mom & dad, Charlotte Broderick,  Stephanie Calloway, Joe Campbell, Shirley Canterna, Amy Carter, Melody Cerbus, Liane Chisholm, Barbara Donaldson, Mary Ellen Dunn, Joe Eckard, Jamie Galgoci, Ed Glaser, Emily Glaser, Barb Graden, Ray Graham, Chery Graham, Beth Griffin, The Griffin twins, Dana Hale and family, Hickory Crash victims, families, friends, schools and the truck drivers, Margie Hoch, Gail Karwacki, Edward Leard , “Lynn”, The Family of Dee Maxfield, Ani Meade, Meriah’s grandparents, Gilberte Mille, Cindy Murphy, Richard Nelson, Oak Hills Christian Church, Grady Orphen,  Linda Peoples, The Family of Leal Sickafuse, Kim Simpson, Lucian Simpson, Peg Simpson, Keith & Lisa Stratton, Ron Tamber, Harriet Thompson, Lynn Voisey, Denise Walker, Elayne Weisz, Neil Weston, Todd Winsor, Carol Ziegler


Daniel Leard, Lyle Voisey, Adam Cogley, Tyler Darling, Sam Resinger

   For where two  or three have gathered            together in My name, there I am in their                 midst."          -Matthew 18:20